It’s been a while since my last post! It’s going to take some catching up, but a sort update to let you know I graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree!

Good night Paris (< this means I'm on holiday haha)



The Chair above is by a designer called Katie Walker.

Manchester trip behind us I see some great inspiring things along the way. Started off with a brilliant abstract trip into the city centre lead by Steven Bennett, not conventional but it was brilliant. Under smelly canal entrances, down crooked sidewalks like a fresh off the train tourist, only Manchester is like home. It was very interesting to see the city in another light, capturing things on camera you wouldn’t always take into consideration when in the city.


The point to the trip was primarily to absorb as much marketing information and ideas that we could. When looking at Manchester or any other city in another way, you begin to use its resources in different ways that benefit you. If you take for example the ally ways, you can begin to use these images as reflections of working life, and either blend or use in contrast the atmosphere to develop a marketing concept for design. I have as you know a range of furniture in the manufacturing process, and whilst in Manchester I started to think of ways I could use the city to show my designs at there best, from the bare brick and rendered surfaces to the curvature of the newer buildings, you start to think of ways to use them within your concept.


So here we have a finalised sketch model of my first piece. I have decided to call it SS1.0, the part of the name ‘SS’ refers to ‘sections series’. The sections comes from the nature of my work, the designed pieces consist of sections like all other furniture, only these sections are fixings free, placing the main focus on these parts. All the sections either slot together or push together creating an ease for the buyer. Studio tables need to be strong & relatively easy to assemble due to the substantial amount of sketching and work that goes into design. The quicker and more simple things are, they become more desirable, less stressful to work with, and representing this in my work goes hand in hand with the life style of a designer. It holds all the key elements within a great design, such as Desirability, Functionality & Cost affective.

S#Desk will come in a range of different colours and stained hard wood. The top part of S#Desk is made from mild steel, its very thin & extremely light. The legs and beams are made from birch plywood. I was originally going to use Ash hard wood within my work, but due to the lack of supply at the moment due to the disease it carries I opted for a more cost affective solution, I do however intend to use ash at some point within my next pieces for the collection.

Posts to follow with show some problems I encounter along the manufacturing process, and also a Final quality image of my work. Thanks



So here it is, a sneak peek at the concept of my first piece in my collection, I am still yet to name collection, I have some ideas due to all my pieces being single sections that slot together. Its not greatly noticeable but my table doesn’t have any additional fixings to secure it, you just receive it flat packed, pop in the legs and your ready to go.

The materials used for my collection will consist of two different types depending on the criteria of the piece. I will be using mild steel for the table top, & then either ash, or birch ply for my wooded sections. Its coming along brilliantly at the moment and I have some exciting ideas for the next part of my collection, so keep checking out my blog for more concept ideas.